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OpenKata 2053

This is not TV

The world government, it seemed a fictitious entity, nonsense, conspiracies, a theatre of Reptilians and Illuminati eating blue apples at noon, they said…..

Not until the 23rd mutation of SARS COVID in 2023 was a vaccine found; unnecessary, as the population had acquired herd immunity by the same date. The Wuhan virus killed between 2019 and 2023 more than 1 billion people worldwide. Exact figures are unknown for the pandemic, which most affected males over the age of 40 and is considered the most devastating in history.

Despite not being the epicentre, Spain was one of the worst affected, with 23 million infections and 9,200,318 deaths, including 123,034 women.

The Asian model for fighting the pandemic was evaluated as the most effective solution, and the defence of the security of the species was presented as an objective that required sacrificing and limiting most of the rights connected with the value of individual and state freedom.

Global organisations and institutions took command of the Planet: UN, WHO, OAS, WTO, ILO, IFAD, UNESCO and NATO….. None of them had sovereignty or the jurisprudence to govern. They were all financed by the same banks: the European Bank, the Inter-American Bank, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China?

All the banks belonged to the same bank: the WBG (World Bank Group). The WBG belonged to the IMF. The IMF was created to facilitate the expansion and balanced growth of world trade. The IMF was supposed to help countries in trouble with money from the common fund, but only “temporarily and with adequate guarantees”. This was not the case.

At the end of 2023, data leaked showing the true extent of the various SARS COV 2 mutations in China: 196 million people dead, 77% male, more than half of the Great Nation’s brute force. Without manpower for the hardest and most arduous jobs the Chinese economy went bankrupt and had to be rescued by the IMF.

The GLOBAL BANKRUPTCY precipitated the end of paper money issuance imposed by the SDR basket in Basel, and official cryptocurrencies based on ERC23 smart contracts became mandatory. One currency to control them all, one token for each idiosyncrasy, a meta-mask to facilitate exchange and transparency in a cyberspace without borders but with strong security measures and control over traffic and data.

All political parties, supported by trade unions, NGOs and the media, handed over the sovereign government of their respective nations to the IMF, albeit in the form of the REUM (Republic of the United States of the World). The world map changed configuration and the 5 continents became 3: Eurasia, America and Africa.

Quarantines and perimeter confinements were maintained all over the world after declaring a STATE OF BANKRUPTCY until the 2050s (declared by the UN the end of the digital revolution and the beginning of the Postdigital Era) under the threat of new viruses.

Women made up for the lack of manpower in all critical sectors until the replacement of human presence in production and service processes by machines and robots was total. Childbearing and child-rearing became state-regulated and birth rates plummeted following the commandments of the Georgia Stones.

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory developed a new method of photoelectric smart ink that could tattoo an RFID nanocircuit with upgradeable nanochips, powered by any type of light at temperatures between 1500ºK and 5500ºK. The ID2020 world conference in 2021 was the impetus for the introduction of mandatory ReMix (RFID tattoos) from the age of 14 on the pretext of combating a new pandemic.

The identity and autonomy of both individuals and nations are threatened by AIs and those who program and train them: an elite of unscrupulous programmers and scientists with neo-Malthusian and eugenic ideals who want a happy world and at the same time a world fearful of the multiple real and fictitious threats broadcast to them by the media.



In this scenario we propose a dystopian fiction in the year 2053, through the data display screen of the World Government and the “hacking” of it by a group of hackers who act under the hashtag #D4DR (Dope for Digital Revolution) and carry out guerrilla actions, how to intervene any type of data flow to make known the lies of this elite, whose aim is to convince the whole human race that we are on the verge of an alien invasion of the Earth and transform the world once again. According to the theories of the anti-system, to achieve this, laser holograms will be projected in different parts of the world, with a different image depending on the faith of each ethnic group. This new “image of God” will speak in all languages, and will also proclaim itself before the nations, imposing a single religion, a single type of currency, a single ideology, thus creating what will be called the NONM “New Normal World Order”.

It is a visual experiment with 8-bit aesthetics (to avoid confusion with reality), a mixture of reflection, chronicle, humour, documentary, essay and play with the spectator, a tribute to cinema and science fiction literature, with numerous hidden references among the texts and iconography.

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