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Valley Of Uncanny #01 is an interactive animation with music by Zack Christ that explores the relationship between visual and musical rhythms, glitches and distortions.

The animation is a part of a series of different virtual sculptures I made of human bodies and faces. Often in games and 3D art the human body is idealized into sexy or heroic archetypes but in this project the two heads are distorted and glitched in ways that create more unfamiliar expressions that sometimes dissolve into pure absctract shapes.

The animation is created in WebGL using the popular library Three.js and in order to precisely control the progression of the visuals multiple tracks of keyframes are loaded into the application in order to control animation parameters in sync with the music.

The piece is an adaptation of some of the material, that I also use when I perform live as a VJ at concerts. I developed a custom VJ application (Sliider) where the same WebGL code is loaded without preprogrammed keyframes. Instead the VJ application allows all parameters to be controlled via midi or OSC.

CHECK OUT THE LINK >>>  “Valley Of Uncanny #01″





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